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Database Administrator

5m ago
min 5 years
Utrecht, Netherlands

Job Description:

        The TAB-DBA team designs and maintains theenvironments and databases for the WW applications, provides builds, patchesand deployments, and supports the builders and testers in their work. As aTAB-DBA employee you are therefore involved in agile teams, projects andmanagement, and waterfall development.

        The field of work of TAB-DBA WW mainly focuseson platforms (OpenVMS, Unix, Windows), middleware products (MQ, JCC), databases(Rdb, Oracle) and development tools (Cobol, .Net, AllFusion, and in the futureJava).


To demand:

·        HBO work and thinking level.

·        Several years of work experience as a seniorTAB-DBA employee.

·        Ability to integrate input from variousdisciplines in designs and proposals.

·        Relevant work experience Unix, Windows, and inparticular OpenVMS (incl. dcl).

·        Analytical and able to easily understand complexsituations.

·        Being able to make technical situationsunderstandable for other disciplines.

·        Affinity with further development anddevelopment tools.

·        Intention for more years of commitment, giventhe complexity of the environments and applications.

·        Good command of the Dutch language.


To wish:

·        Strong communication skills.

·        Independent, Initiative, Curious.

·        Familiar with working in projects, Agile/Scrumenvironment and management.

·        Familiar with management of development productsCobol, .Net, Java.

·        Knowledge of relational databases (Rdb, Oracle).

Job posted by- Sidhant