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JPC - 6570 - PAM BT Architect

15d ago
min 5 years
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Responsibility of / Expectations from theRole

Experience in designing PAM Architecture forthe heterogenous multi site location

Experience in deployment and implementationof Beyond Trust PAM and various modules like

password safe , session proxy etc.

Experience in configuration of Beyond trusttools modules , workflow etc.

a. Password Safe installation in multipleenvironment

b. Implementation of Session Proxy withrecording and monitoring

c. Discovery of Accounts

d. Integration with Active Directory, SMTP,Splunk, Saml and ServiceNow

e. Integration with MFA and other IAM,Access Governance tools

f. Onboarding of devices from multipledifferent platforms(smartrule)

g. Configuration of Behaviour Analytics

h. Application launch using AutoIT scripts

i. Azure/Aws Cloud servers onboarding

j. Managed accounts ofwindows,linux,mysql,mssql,oracle

k. Experience with beyondtrust pmul.

Job posted by- Rahul Pandey